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Who we are


We are leading professional and International standard supplier based in Vietnam . South East Asian countries in general is the home of tropical fruits which makes its one of the world’s best due to the tropical weather. So the fruits are not only delicious, but are packed with nutrients. And that makes the juices unique from rest of the world.
Our procurement of juices is not within a single country of south east asia. We choose country according to the highest production of a particular fruit and taste of pulp. That make us unique from rest of the juice manufacturers and gives us price advantage and distinct taste for our products.

We deal with exporting premium beverages from Vietnam,indonesia, thailand, Philippines, combodia and laos to UAE, Qatar, Oman, baharin, kuwait, saudi Arabia Europe, US and Africa.

Our products ranges from fruit juices, sparkling drinks, energy drinks, coffee drinks, tea drinks, coconut water, aloevera drinks, milk drinks and nut drinks.
We provide customised juices according to client requirements. All our products are FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO and HALAL certified.we are confident to meet the demand of clients all over the world due to the premium quality at reasonable price.

We have high quality production line meeting US and European standards to a tune of 300 containers /month.​

Nature's Bounty in Every Sip

At Fresh from Source, we bring you the purest and most flavorful drinks, straight from nature's abundant offerings. Embrace the freshness.

Nature's Finest, Certified Organic Delight

Enjoy the goodness of 100% organic products, carefully crafted from nature's finest ingredients for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Straight from the Farm to Your Table

Indulge in the goodness of nature with our 100% fresh fruit and vegetable offerings, handpicked from farms to ensure unparalleled freshness and taste.

Fruit Juice: Nourishing Your Body, Naturally

Our Vision

Season Drinks' website embodies our vision of creating a virtual oasis for beverage enthusiasts. Explore our refreshing product lineup, innovative recipes, and join us on a journey of taste and delight.

Our Mission

At Season Drinks, our mission is to delight taste buds with refreshing and high-quality beverages while promoting a healthier lifestyle. We are committed to fostering joyous moments and creating unforgettable memories.




We provide OEM and ODM (PRIVATE labelling) facility to our clients without any hardships. Everything is customised to the taste of our clients.you can put your brand name to the new formula of your drink without any effort and market it with no time.


Season drinks cater to the quality regulations of both domestic and international market which includes :ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC 22000


With Advanced R & D unit and with High Quality ingredients procurement division we can deliver our products with consistent quality. Procurement division makes sure that the fruits are toxic free and of premium quality.